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Aesthetic smile makeover
Cancun, Zona Hotelera
Only top-quality materials and tools

from trusted brands
World-class dentistry

on the shore of the Caribbean Sea

Thanks to our high-quality work and individual approach to patients, our specialists are recommended by both local residents and patients from North America and the UK.

Each member of our team has years of experience and deep knowledge in their specialization. We perform a full range of dental procedures, from complete tooth reconstruction with implants to cosmetic procedures such as smile transformation with veneers without tooth grinding.

We love what we do and will make every effort to ensure that your vacation and treatment are as comfortable as possible :)

Team of professionals
We're proud of our education

Our dentists have received training and internships from leading specialists in the USA and Europe (Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Italy, Russia, Spain).
They are participants and winners of international symposiums and conferences and have scientific publications in international journals. They teach at universities and conduct educational courses for colleagues.

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Up to 70% lower treatment cost

Jorge Kerner
Standart Hybrid on-4 upper and lower jaw
over 7000
Crystal Hybrid on-4 upper jaw
Max Tito
Hybryd on-5
upper and lower jaw
We've placed
Galina Vysochin
All types of modern treatment
General dentistry
Composite filling
Standard implant
Bone grafting
Cosmetic dentistry
E-max crowns
Metallic brackets
Hygiene and paradontology
ZOOM 3 whitening
Composite restorations
Zro2 crowns
Full arch restorations
All‑on‑4 Standard
All‑on‑4 Zirconia/crystal
Canal treatment

All‑on‑6 Zirconia/crystal
All‑on‑6 Standard
Zirconia implant
Short implant
Sinus-lift minor
Sinus-lift major
Ultrasound scaling
from $ 6300
Smile makeover
from $ 420
from $ 6900
from $ 420
from $ 420
from $ 420
from $ 150
from $ 899
from $ 1290
from $ 1890
from $ 350
from $ 390
from $ 1390
from $ 8900
from $ 8200
from $ 11500
from $ 12500
from $ 100
from $ 150
from $ 125
from $ 450
from $ 250
Wisdom tooth extraction
Tooth extraction
Periodontal cleaning
(per segment)
from $ 95
from $ 95
from $ 350
from $ 250
Ceramic brackets
from $ 3250
from $ 95
from $ 2300
from $ 490
from $ 790
Night guard
Technologically advanced equipment and materials
by using cutting-edge technology and materials, we are able to provide efficient and effective dental care.

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